Ras Putah Scores Again

A call to Leo Laporte's radio show results in Haile High link on Leo's home page,

Leo Laporte
The Tech Guy on KFI

Show #73

Saturday, September 11th, 2004

Todd in Massachusetts - recovering damaged data

Does tech support for Jamaica’s Haile High School in Montego Bay. He’s trying to recover an external hard drive for them. The drive mounts and he can see folders and some files, but others are damaged.

  • First step is to make an image of the drive with a program like Norton Ghost. That way if the file recovery programs make things worse you can go back to step one.
  • I also recommend PC Inspector a free file recovery program that doesn’t modify the hard drive (make sure to restore to a different drive).

Leo Laporte First Learns of Haile High (Circa 2002)

      Haile High forges a new link in the long friendship between Jamaica and Canada – in Cyberspace! Ras Putah, Todd McFarlin - Haile High’s own AstroGeek, will be a video visitor on Leo LaPorte’s new Canadian-based TV show: “Call For Help 2.0” on G4TechTV.

      Leo first learned about Haile High when he opened a package from Kali on air during his “Screen Savers” show in 2002. (Pictured above from the show.)

      Ras Putah has been on both Leo’s TV and radio shows with questions. Hearing about the new show, he submitted his question via the Internet. He was then invited to participate via video link.

      During the interview, Ras Putah reminded Leo of the package from Haile High. “Leo remembered it,” said Ras Putah. “The best part was when Leo put the web site up on his screen. It must be at least a 60” plasma. Leo said what good work the school was doing to bring computer access to the kids in Jamaica and he asked to be kept informed about what a’gwan.”

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