Haile Lion to Honor Fallen Brother with Memorial Game in February

     Rambo Lion was shot dead by an unknown assailant upon reaching his yard from work.  This year's Bob Marley Day Match will be livicated to Ras Rambo, a great player and beloved Rasata Brother.

Y' cyaan tap dhe boogy.

Lenny Takes Charge

Lenny Forbes (3rd from right) with founding members of the Haile Lion.

When Lenny's not playing Futbol, he can be found at his shop in the MoBay Craft Center. As his grandfather before him, Lenny is a renowned master carver of Jamaican crafts.

Lenny Forbes Takes The Reins
of The Haile Lion

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Bobo Skitta steps down regretfully

     The staff of the Haile Lion Football Club has accepted Jason Rose’s resignation from the Haile Lion team. At the annual meeting of the steering committee, Ras Yankee (a tailor by trade and goalie for the Lions) was welcomed to the board now composed of Lenny Forbes - Chairman, Opel Kentish – School Administrator, and Ras Marley I – Planning.
Bobo Skitta, after participating in the founding of the Lions who drubbed the very skilled Police All-Stars in 2 hotly contested matches, has decided to return to professional league play. Jason Skitta Rose will no longer represent or be associated with Haile High or its team, the Haile Lion.
Bobo Skitta has been an inspiration to wi all and all wi sons of Selassie wish him strong knees and mind so he will once again show wi culture the miracle of redemption.
All contribution to the team, emmenating in Jamaica, can be given directly to Lenny Forbes. He can be reached at the MoBay Craft Center where he presides as one of Jamaica’s finest wood sculptors. His cell phone number is 876-861-0405.
All off island and international aid should be directed to Lynn Abbott at:

DaDa Kali


20 February 2005   Jarret Park

Lions & Seba

Lions and Sheba (Haile High Cheerleaders) pose with Trophy.

      In a last minute decision the governing committee of Jarrett Park agreed to host the Police All Star/Haile Lion futbol rematch on Sunday February 20. With no time to announce the game except by handing out a few flyers, the attendance at Jarrett was sparse. First to arrive was Dr. Views the ever obliging director of Public Relations for the team. Jason had been there earlier to drop off the precious boots and hand sewn T shirts the Haile High school had fashioned for the team. Dr. Views was there to take the tickets ~ as one of the concessions to Rasta in the negotiations. Dr. Views might as well have left the gate open and go string him hammock.
Jarret Park
      Making pom-poms for the cheerleaders from the remnants of the Ethiopian flags that were sewn to the uniforms of the Haile Lion.
      Meanwhile – back at Nerve Central (The Cottontree home of Haile High) confusion reigned while the Haile High cheerleaders donned the uniforms that will one day be for Haile High’s Youth Soccer Club and Kali prepared the cameras for the big event. The finishing touches were being put on the pom-poms as the wagon arrive at the “Tree” by soon-come. Grandfather, Mother and Idren of the Binghi family (bass, ketti and fundi) were squeezed in with Opal. Den deh pickney to fill the cracks. Last, the driver, David, (appropriate) and Kali finally wedge-in in the front carrying the flag of the Lion that Queen Sam had sewn up on the kitchen table in Acton, Massachusetts last summer. Off wi go in the Name of the Father and with the blessing of the Power of the Lion.

      The Haile High safari arrived at Jarrett. Sheba (the name of the Haile High girls soccer team to be) lugged the drums and gear to the Rasta line between 2 benches where Kali of TMO fame set-up the tripod and began testing his equipment.
      Christina arrived with the contingent of students from Long Bay: Apple, Tajai and Kimone. She could not find a place to change in the stadium, so Kali helped to make a tent around the tripod Indian style with the tarp him always carry. With help from the girls Christina was quickly converted to Sheba #4. Then disaster struck… the wind which had been vexing all day finally got up its fervor and bust a shot pon deh tepee Kali had forgot to uncloak of it tarpaulin sail. Away she go! Or rather better to seh “him go” for on top of the pyramid sat Haile Selassie - for that is the title bestowed ‘pon TMO’s Sony DVCam 16:9 ratio, magnesium video camera, sacred dat! For that wat sat pon deh tripod! The King!
      Before long, with a few apologies to the Father for forgetting the main purpose of our being deh, Kali fixed this and that and ivenced the Father it was time to go to work.
      An hour and a half of soon-come saw the entrance to the playing field of the referees, dignitaries and members of the Police All-Star team side by side with the Dread Lion of Judah. Precious moment dis, Oh Jah!
      The ceremony was brief, punctuated by pleads dat deh Rasta fe naw bust up deh shin dem of deh cop caw dem naw carry no shin guard. Had they looked at Rasta they would have seen demma same shituation – only Rasta leg got less meat fe cushion deh blow and to boot (a’cho!) 2 weeks ago Rasta Lion was playing barefoot.
      The game was begun and the further description of it and all the fun will continue ~ soon come.

Police All-Stars

      The "Police All-Stars" is not a push-over team. They are skilled, well-coordinated, and a tough opponent. Their constant hard driving advance and strong kicking is a force to be respectful of. Big, Strong & Steady!
      The "Haile Lion" is a persistent non-carnivore that devours its prey by combining the footwork of the Dervish with the flight of birds...Seeking higher goals in the Name of the Most High.
      It may be of interest here to look at each of these opposing cultures:
      THE COPS: The Police are chosen from the JCF (Jamaican Constabulary Force). They are salaried officers who receive no further compensation for the many hours of over-time they must bear. Generally they are insured and aided by health care benefits. As nearly all Jamaicans, they have outside interests that generate added income to compensate for the moderate wages they receive for "wearing the stripe." The majority are church-going, family oriented, dedicated public servants. Finding time to train for futbol is difficult. Respect the keepers of the Law Of The Nation Jamaica.
      THE RASTAS: The "Lions" are no less Faith and Family oriented. Their loving service to traditions of Ethiopia and Mother Africa is widely applauded. Rastas' health benefits come from the Earth, the Water and the Air. When employed with the laws of "Ital" they thrive as strong, highly maneuverable men with not an ounce of excess baggage. Rasta generally live in an impoverished state. Some by choice; others by chance. They generally are of low income due to the continuing prejudice they bear because of their views on religion, state and property. Rastas' are aware of the Higher Law that all law is based on. This reasoning sometimes gets in the way of mainstream economics. Rasta is the keeper of the laws of the Iniverse.
      When these two forces meet on the field of battle, it is a contest of more than skill. It is one world view opposing another world view. In the three games they have played, each has learned to respect the other.
      Coming soon is the video of these three contests from Kali Creation. Stay tuned for more photos from this most recent game.

6 February 2005    Albion Field


Jamaica Blinked

      At 3 o’clock Albion Field was quiet. A lone Rasta silently hung the goal net. A great event was about to unfold. But Jamaica blinked and missed it. Aside from the Mirror, few knew that this historic moment was occurring.

      On Sunday 6 February, 2005, the All Star police Team gathered to battle the new Haile Lion All Dread Team in a futbol match to honor Bob Marley’s 60 th Earthday. It was a fitting kickoff to the year long celebration planned for Marley. In addition, the All Dread team paid tribute to Marlo who was killed in an auto accident along with 3 other futbollers. Marlo was instrumental in organizing the first Cops vs. Rasta match 6 years ago. While he could not play due to injury, Marlo served as manager and captain. That game ended in a 0-0 tie with the Cops scoring on the kick point finish. Marlo’s organizational efforts were unexcelled.

      Sunday’s hard fought game ended: Rastas – 2; Police – 1. A rematch is planned for 20 February 2005, at Jarret Park at 3pm. The prize money will be awarded in a 70-30 split. A good time was had by all. Sportsmanship and brotherhood prevailed and each team is looking forward to the rematch on Sunday.

      Asked about the organization of the Haile Lion team, Jason “Skitta” Rose, former star center of Seba United, said, “Bob Marley loved futbol. We organized this game to honor his contribution to raising awareness about futbol in Jamaica and around the world. Playing futbol teaches about teamwork. After all, Jamaica’s motto is: Out of many, one people. Last Sunday’s game was the smoke… the fire come this Sunday.”

      Ras Views, another member of the Haile Lion Organization Committee, remarked about the future of exhibition futbol in Jamaica. “Jamaicans love futbol. There is room in Jamaica for exhibition teams to play to support organizations in need of funding. The teams get to play, the people get a good show and the organizations get funding. Everyone wins.” Haile Lion supports the Haile High school where students learn about computers and communication with people all over the world. The All Star Police will play for the Police Aid Fund.

      With a smile Lenny Forbes boasted, “Who knows, we could be the Harlem Globetrotters of futbol! The Globetrotters formed in the 1930’s when Blacks were excluded from the leagues in the US. They played exhibition games where their ballhandling and good natured dominion won the hearts of the world. In many respects, the advent of a strong dynamic faith inspired team like the Haile Lion will be a rebirth of a new era in sports entertainment.”


The Police All-Stars
The Haile Lion

MoBay Mangos

MoBay Mangos


      A dream shared by Washington and Kaliflowa was to start a baseball team in Jamaica...not an easy task in light of the paralysis this nation suffers by its addiction to cricket. When the Mangos practice at the Old Hospital Grounds on Sundays, many young Jamaicans gather to watch. Soon they are "shaging flys" and swinging at pitches. Here in lies the promise of our beloved baseball in Jamaica. Avid enthusiasm prevails when these kids get their hands on the ball.
      Luckily the Mangos are blessed by an endless cadre of Cuban Brothers; some who work here as musicians and artists, others who are passing on their way to greener fields. They claim that there isn't a man in Cuba who isn't a skilled ball player. These guys are HOT...and a great inspiration to the youth who come out to be part of it.
Jorge waits for Wash's next fastball.
Carlos ready to pounce on a hot grounder
Kali, Emilio & Edwardo discuss fields of dreams while young aspironts look on.


Washington & Enrico talk baseball while waiting to take to the field.
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