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…that the small voices may be heard

      Kali gazed at the portrait of Haile Selassie glowing softly in the red lights of the editing suite. He was in a room in Jamaica recovering his health after a close-shave by the “reaper”… now what? A gentle breeze spirited the curtains as the night air sighed through the room. “Knowledge is a treasure that must be grasped.” Selassie’s words on education came back to Kali. There sat his computer. It was hooked to the Internet. Why not start a school and let some of the small voices be heard?

      Thus was born the Haile Selassie Iniversity of Higher Reason. Haile High as it is known in Jamaica was developed as a school to teach computer skills to the handicapped and economically disadvantaged children in Jamaica . It began in 2000 with a single student who was interested in learning, and willing to pay for her knowledge by pumping tap water through the school’s filtration system. From this humble beginning Haile High is now in its fifth year with an average attendance of 12 students at each session. Free of tuition.
      Seeing the need expressed by our first student, Haile High’s founder, Alessandro Macone (Kali) envisioned a system where each student would become a teacher. Thus perpetuating the acquisition of skills to help their peers in their current educational pursuits…insuring that one day each will find higher education or successful employment.
      The first difficulty was getting the children interested enough in computers to get them to attend classes regularly. In a country where computers are totally unavailable to the poor and their children, the filling of this educational void was a very new idea. To generate interest, Haile High offered swimming lessons at Doctor’s Cave Beach Club before class. Learning to swim was great fun. It was heartening to watch the students gaining confidence in themselves as they played together in the water. Swimming has become a valuable and favorite part of the curriculum.
      After swimming the students take a van up to the school at The Cottontree. Before settling down to work at the computer though, empty tummies need to be filled. Hunger is a great distraction. Kali says, “the only thing you can teach an empty belly is how to growl.
      ”As the school grew, the difficulty of children taking time off from chores at home to attend the school on a Saturdays became another challenge. Again Haile High rose to the occasion by offering the incentive of transportation reimbursement for those students who are teaching other students. The goal of each student being a teacher was finally realized.
      The success of the whole program can be seen in the faces of its students - swimming, eating, and studying. Haile High provides more than computer training…these children are now surfing the Internet and the world it opens…a place of infinite ideas and opportunities.

Haile High Today and in the Future

      Since its inception, over 35 students ages 7 – 52 have attended classes at Haile High. The school is housed in a multi-level three room suite at The Cottontree on Queen’s Drive in Montego Bay , Jamaica . The computer lab currently has space for 10 computer stations networked together to facilitate instruction and improve operating skills.      Our computer equipment is purchased in the US at yard sales and surplus computer stores as well as donations from friends. We found shipping too time consuming and costly so each piece of equipment is hand carried to Jamaica.
      The computers are PC’s with Windows ’98 or newer; all have word processing systems. All our computers have CD drive so we can install a Mavis Beacon typing program as well as study guides for all elementary and high school classes. These educational programs are available on a variety of subjects was well as encyclopedias and maps. Currently one computer is connected to the Internet but all students have access to it through the network, and regularly email Queen Sam in the US for help they can’t find elsewhere. In addition, students can do research for their regular school homework under the guidance of their teachers.
      The need for help in English became apparent as students attempted to write letters and frame inquiries on the World Wide Web. In response, Haile High is introducing an English Composition course this year. To see the results of this program check out the Comments section of the

Haile High Makes a Difference

      There are few thrills greater than seeing a child learn, whether it be to swim or how to read. At Haile High we are blessed of these visions and to live these wondrous times. Each challenge results in lessons learned, and lives changed. It is indeed an honor to be a part of opening a new world to young minds.

      Emperor Menelik I was the son of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon. He carried the wisdom of Solomon's court back to Ethiopia to begin the enlightenment of his nation. It is fitting that the computer lab of the Haile Selassie Iniversity of Higher Reason be named for the progenitor of the Shoa line leading to the advent of Haile Selassie I. Kaylia will pay for her tutorledge by teaching others the skills she acquires here. It is a self perpetuating form of education where one will teach three, and three will teach nine. etc, ad infinitum. So when you visit MoBay from foreign, drop off your old laptop. We can use it. The more computers; the more "Kaylias" we will teach. Satta massa gana.
Kaylia & Lenny Forbes
      Kaylia shows her dad, Ras Lenny Forbes, what she's learned on a "laptop" computer at the Menelik Computer Lab. On the screen in the background is Leo LaPorte of the popular cable program, Tech TV, which is monitored regularly at the lab.
      A youthful Ras Tafari Makonnen (far right) looks-on while Opel Hopejah (in print dress) watches her students and teachers as they enjoy the thrills of computing.
Ras Tafari Makonnen
      Teachers and students pause for a moment to wave hello to the camera and to all their friends who visit their web site.

"Establishing the Foundation"

Home page to The Haile Selassie I Iniversity
of Higher Reason a school that teaches computer skills to the handicapped.
"Without education, a man is a promise unfulfilled, a potential unrealized." ____ H.I.M.
The photograph was taken by Lucien Agner in 1936 in Geneva where The King Of Kings had come to address the League Of Nations concerning the invasion of Ethiopia by Italy, a fellow member of the League. His prophetic message forecast the failure of the League and of the coming of World War II...and of all the turmoil we know today. This photograph is the official Icon of Haile Selassie I Iniversity of Higher Reason
                             "Cyaan tap dhe boogy" *
. Our Time is a different time than the Time of our Elders. In our Time we are given a tool that allows us to communicate instantly with others, anywhere on our planet. Some think that if the computer had come before the wheel we wouldn't have need of the automobile...we could have "sent-out" or, from a Rasta perspective, we could "grow every ting a'yard. Now ain't that a paradox solved! One denies the plight; the other offers the solution. Yet the choir sings on, the games are played and we change not. Like all lessons from the Creator (good or bad), all are neccessary and, as Jah might seh, no ting is due before its time. Ask a tree. It starts small (like we all) and grows tall, one ring at a time. It's life is of constant, seasonal rebirth. It's not concerned with the plight of our culture, which forbids rebirth (except through tithed, proprietary spiritual intervention). Nothing stands between Tree and the Almighty.

Its rebirth is writ 'pon its veiny leaf. Does it cry as it withers? If so, it cries to its own hurt...for it knows that its Resurrection comes in the Spring...and that rebirth is guaranteed to all that respect the faith of Life. When a tree sheds its foliage, it announces its time of repose. Its leaves fall and offer we a chance to see how knowledge spreads when there are no frontiers...only the winds. Place flame to the uttermost leaf of many, and soon others will light. Shortly, all will be ablaze and the All beyond the all will kindle from that same creative light. And that's how knowledge is sparked in a yet to be kindled mind. Be it Tree or Thee. The concept of education at Haile High works in a like manner. We teach the young, because their minds are fresh. We teach subjects that are neglected by formal institutions. But we first teach "how to learn"...not by rote, nor by threat of failure. We teach from the perspective of Love, just as the King of Kings taught us in this dispensation. At Haile High we stand ready to teach those who are less wanted, for they are the "stones that the builder refused". When the foundation is laid, these "stones" will be the strongest, and the Temple of Jah will stand firm in rebirth,pon dhe land.Y'cyaan tap dhe Boogy

Drum I Patterson"Drum I" Patterson, known as the Niyabinghi Drummaker, takes on a new role as ABBA of The Haile Selassie I Iniversity of Higher Reason. From the school's headquarters in MoBay Ras Patterson will oversee the selection and administration of students, as well as teach the Art of Drummaking. "

Patterson went on to say that selection of students will be focused on their needs for instruction in specific skills. This will give them a chance to get jobs in areas closed to the average student. He cited the school's intent to welcome "stones that the builder refuses". Students young and old learning technical skills, may go on to a career denied the average Jamacian.
Ras Patterson went on to say that the school will be funded by sales from, Behold! The Lion of Judah Hath Prevail ... a video he helped produce in 1992, on the occasion of Emperor Haile Selassie I's centennial celebration in Mandela Park, Kingston.

"All are welcome," chimes Patterson, "but first draw goes to Rasta youth. The school will not keep the Idren from other studies or jobs ... even at odd hours we will teach them."

The school will offer teachings unavailable elsewhere. For instance, a basic computer course will be compulsory, as well as an overstanding of the life foundation of the Niyabinghi Drum.

Drum I says, "Haile Selassie is not a name, it is a title. It is Amharic. It means Power of the Trinity. I & I Binghi brethren see that power in the bass (father), the akette (mother), and funde (son or dawta). It is the Rasta Hola Trinity. It fashions the heart beat of all life on earth and beyond. When dem all ringing true, nuttin c'yan tap Jah flow."

The Art of the Nyabhinghi Drum will also be a compulsory course at the Haile Selassie I Iniversity of Higher Reason. The school's next session begins on the 12th of December. All applicants for enrollment should contact Edward George Patterson at 7 Torrington Rd., Kingston, or through the Rastafari Centralization Organization at 20 Melody Dr., Kingston.

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