Lucky Dube and Joe Higgs

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Joe Higgs School of Music

        The immortal Joe Higgs in performance at the Music Machine in Los Angeles, Circa: 1988.
Joe Higgs


Mike & Joe

Joe Jam in Mike's studio in L.A.




Tony & Wash
        Tony with Wash and his son Ryan, join the fun during a music lesson. The Joe Higgs School of Music is not your average music school. Everyone here is a star.

Coco T.
        Coco T., teacher of Mento Culture at Haile High and one of the great exponents of the Jamaican Boom Box - a teacher at the Joe Higgs School of Music.
        Calvin Wright playing Mento at the Groovy Grouper Beach Bar. The players stop by Haile High when they can, to teach their musical culture to our young students.
Calvin Wright

Haile High Mento Meltdown

The "Haile High Mento Meltdown" takes a break. Lft. to Rt.: Coco T. ("Slow Drag"), Calvin, Kaliflowa and Tony.

Horsemouth drops by to visit Kaliflowa and share a draw in the name of The Most High.

Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, a key drummer in the history of reggae. A graduate of the famed Alpha Boys School, Horsemouth became involved in Jamaica's spirit religions - pocomania and kumina - and went on to play with Studio One, the Soul Syndicate, Jack Ruby's Black Disciples, Marcia Griffiths, Inner Circle, Now Generation and many others. He was the principal musician/actor in the film Rockers.



Eternal respect for Brother Joe!

One of the original "Wailers", Joe was instrumental in teaching the group the foundations of music.
Brother Joe
Joe performing at a fundraiser for
the A.N.C. Santa Monica, January 1987
Few men knew it better. "The Legend" as he is called, is shown below in this rare photo on the night Joe first came together with Lucky Dube who was beginning his first world tour. It was at "The Channel" dance hall, in Boston. Lucky was the headliner, scheduled to appear last on the venue with Joe opening for him. Prior to the show, Lucky had been reasoning with Kaliflowa when the subject of Joe arose. Lucky asked Kali to introduce him to Joe, as they had never met. Shortly after the above photo was taken, Lucky announced, much to the chagrin of the sponsoring record company, that "Joe would always be the headliner" and that he, Lucky, would "open" for Joe. That threw the vibes into overdrive. Lucky knew the order of things better than his record company did. Never was there a show like the one that night. Nuf respect to Brother Lucky!

Joe Higgs is one of the most respected musicians in reggae history. His mark will forever be INDELIBLE!

Joe Higgs, Lucky Dube & Kaliflowa  
Joe Higgs with Lucky Dube and Kaliflowa Boston, June 20, 1991
  Bob & Joe
Bob and Joe
Los Angeles, 1973
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