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Sports Doc Joins Team

     Dr. Jeff Robichaud of the Concord Clinic (rt.) hands Kaliflowa the sponsorship check that will buy the team's uniforms and protective gear. The Concord Clinic is a center of alternative medicine in Massachusetts who's web site will soon be added as a link to our Haile Dr. Robichaud's interest in sports medicine began when he was a student at the University of New Hampshire where he served as trainer to the school's swim team. His practice in Concord spans 20 years, culminating in the founding of the new clinic.

      Through the generosity of Dr. Jeff, and others, the Haile Lions will be the "best dressed" futbol team in the Caribbean. Now it is up to the players to make it the "most winning" team to trod the the name of H.I.M. Majesty.

      It will be through the efforts of our team that Haile High will be able to support the school in helping others achieve goals hitherto unimagined by the handicapped.
Thanks Jeff! You and your staff are blessed.

Haile Lions receive equipment donation

      Cliff Kaelin of SOCCER STUFF in Acton, Massachusetts donated 12 pairs of shin guards to the Haile Lions. Kaelin who played in high school and at North Adams State says that soccer continues to grow in the U.S. as a sport for young and old alike. “We equip kids playing for the first time as well as the Over the Hill Leagues.”
      Accepting the equipment, Sam Abbott of Haile High praised Kaelin’s knowledge of the sport and the store’s generosity. “Now all we have to do is get this equipment to the team in Jamaica.” Anyone interested in helping the school or team by carrying goods to Jamaica should contact Sam, at, before traveling to Montego Bay.

Ivan Comes To Town

      On September 11th Haile High's potential funding blew away with the arrival of Ivan the Terrible on Jamaica's coast. A large US company with offices in Kingston was interested in supporting the school until Ivan's Force 4-5 winds battered the island for many hours. One computer school is very small in the midst of the problems Ivan has created.

      Haile High lost computers and equipment. The trees that shaded our students at lunch are gone. Until now Haile High has functioned with only the income Kali and Sam can generate. Ivan has changed all that.

      We know we'll need laptop computers, educational computer programs and textbooks to replace those lost, in addition to cash donations. So far we have raised $1300 that is already helping to relieve the devastation and restart the classes.

      Your contribution is appreciated more than you can possibly know. Jamaica's economy relies on tourism. Tourists don't like hurricanes! During this crisis Jamaica will depend on help from other nations and organizations to rebuild. These take time to get in place and much of the aid goes to those who have the best access to official Jamaica. People like our students and their families will see very little of that help. While we can't offer charitable contribution tax deductions, we can guarentee that all money collected goes straight to restoration of the school and assistance to our student's families.

      To help, please send a check or money order to Lynn Abbott 153 Summer Street Acton, MA 01720 or click here to use Paypal for credit card donations. If you have equipment or can link us up with someone who can provide help, share our website with them or contact Lynn or Kali at:

      Give thanks and praises for your generosity.

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We give thanks to the people who have supported Haile High through the years.



Acton, Massachusetts is the home of Queen Sam and Kaliflowa, founders of Haile High. Summer was blessed by visitors from all over. Here is a group of orphans from Somali enjoying a cook-out at Kali Central. Their kind shepherd is Birdie Emerson Dundee (seated to right). A great time was had by all.

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