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Ruddy Perry Succumbs in Cousins Cove

Rudy in a doorway

Ruddy Perry was a man of many talents.  Most recently he and his family re-established their roadside restaurant on the newly re-built highway from Montego Bay to Negril.  It was a well known stopping place on the old highway because the food was good, the music was reggae and Ruddy and Vern were genial hosts.

The Perrys also rent small cottages on their land.  This is on a rather wild stretch of coastline called Cousins Cove.  Here the Caribbean Sea washes up on a fascinating combination of coral reef, volcanic rock and marine fossils.  It is a blessed place.

Ruddy was a well-known musician in both Jamaica and the US.  He grew up with Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer and Joe Higgs, making music inna dhe yards of Kingston.  In the photo below, taken at the closing of Haile High the Cottontree, he easily joins the drummers making the sacred heartbeat of the Nyabinghi..

Ruddy is the husband of Vern Perry and father of Tasheika Perry; respectively Administrator and teacher of Haile High at Cousins Cove, Hanover Parish. Ruddy will be missed and we share his family’s sorrow.  If you would like to help them in this adjustment to a new life without dad, we’ll see that your kindness is passes directly to them.  Give thanks and praises.

Donations are gratefully accepted to help his family through this difficult time. Click the button below to donate through PayPal, or send a check to:

Or donate via PayPal by clicking the button below:

Lynn Abbott
153 Summer Street
Acton, MA 10720

Rudy Perry drumming at Haile High
Ruddy Perry (in the white cap) plays the drums at Haile High while the mural is painted.
Rudy and his family
Ruddy and his family.

The shore at Cousins Cove

Young Ruddy

Ruddy Perry’s Funeral
(as reported by Cleo Reid)

Tracy Allen
Tracy Allen

It started at one, begining like a typical Christian ceremony with a hymn. It proceeded through all the notions of a regular funeral with the presentations and tributes of family and well-wishers. Aneika & I were front row and center since we arrived early to be part of the proceedings as representatives of Haile High. When Ruddy’s casket was opened for viewing there was a lot of crying. Out of respect, I didn’t take any pictures. I just held Tasheca’s hand and told her to be strong. Aneika was really touched by all the crying and it took all she had not to break-down; I just kept looking outside so as to prevent the same from happening to me. In a sentence: It was a very sad funeral. It was a very nice funeral mind you, but it was nothing short of sad. I took the few pictures I could take without crying and stayed with Vern and Tasheca who spent most of the time outside, unable to bear the ceremony and facing the fact that Ruddy was truly gone. Vern cried a lot but I have to say Tasheca tried her best to keep it together for her momma. She’s a very strong girl.

Carmen Perry
Carmen Perry
Carmen read Ruddy’s eulogy giving a soulful account of the man’s life which we all enjoyed. She broke down in the end crying on her brother’s casket but had accomplished what she had set out to do.

At the graveside there was even more crying as his casket was lowered into the tomb. Many cried out for the loss of such a great man. I never knew him well but I can safely say he was an extremely good person based on the affect that his death had on not only his family but his friends. Funny how the good people die and the scum of this earth continue to live on.

Funeral procession leaving the church
Sister Carmen touches the head of the casket as Ruddy's procession leaves the church.

Tasheca was also supposed to give a tribute to her late father but was too overwhelmed to do so. I could feel her pain when I noted what I went through when I had to speak at my mother’s funeral.

Evelyn Perry and friendEvelyn Perry (black dress)
Evelyn is Ruddy’s middle daughter who gave an even more soulful version of Ruddy’s life as she remembers it. She cried all the way through. She finished and had Ruddy’s favourite song play: Frank Sinatra – I did it my way

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