Montego Bay, Jamaica
Haile Selassie Iniversity of Higher Reason
July 2010

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Crime and Violence Sweeps Jamaica

but…at Haile High Ya cyaan tap dhe boogie*

*Roughly, “nothing can stop us”

Tasheika's class at Cousin's Cove

This is Tasheika’s Class at the remote location called Cousins Cove, Hanover. Though her father was murdered by gunmen, she remains enthusiastic about carrying-on her computer lessons under a tree inna yard where she lives with her mother. Here “Sheeka” (in blue) has gathered her charges for an impromptu photo. Check out the two small girls below and ask yourself what their chances were of ever being part of the “computer age“, if it weren’t for Haile High. Even a local dog has dropped-in for his share of the fun. Everyone learns something at Haile High, regardless of the circumstances.

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A class upon its arrival at Salem Mount after a morning of swimming lessons at the beach
Aneika Smith, Senior member of our teaching staff
Aneika instructs Tamesha and Shania while Opal looks on with pride
While some are computing in the kitchen, others of our class are in the parlor learning their lessons
Opal Kentish, Haile High Administrator, looks on as Temesha unravels yet another facet of the wonders of computing
Two special kids

For the past eight years Haile High has been funded by the $600 Kali receives from his monthly social security allotment. With these meager funds we have successfully run a free computer school in Montego Bay where poor Jamaican kids come to learn about computing. We provided transportation to school and lunch on Saturdays. With the recent breakdown of the Jamaican economy and the subsequent rise of violence here, we have been forced to close our central school and have disbursed our assets to six locations that are more adjacent to our students homes.

We have managed to do our work with donated lap-tops from a few angels in America who have noticed our existence. The corruption we face at Jamaican customs has been a great obstacle. Thus, we are only able carry one or two laptops at a time when we reach from the U.S. They are old and obsolete – but we get the work done. With a little help…more laptops donated, and funds to pay for the meals we provide…the numbers of children who experience this opportunity will grow exponentially.

The greatest asset of Haile High is that it has proven itself successful, without assets. Our unstructured curriculum makes it flexible enough to withstand the crime and violence that has beset this one beautiful land of Jamaica. Being forced to retreat from our central school in Montego Bay, we have survived by dispersing our operation to “inna yard” locations where our students will be safe. Not only does that insure the well being of our charges, it has shown flexibility, innovation and determination that is summed up in Haile High’s motto: “ya cyaan tap dhe boogie!”

However we could use some help. We have never begged before, nor do we now. We only suggest that by sending something our way it will make things easier for these kids, and that perhaps the joy of sharing will grace your holidays with joy and a love that is priceless and everlasting. We are a non-affiliated Roots Gathering. You cannot write off a contribution on an income tax form. Every cent we recieve goes directly to kepping what you see on these pages going. Computing is a blessing that few Jamaican children will ever know. Santa Claus never comes to the ghetto, but his helpers will be well thought of….

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